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Nearly 1,200 IT professionals participated in TechTarget's 2014 IT Salary and Careers Survey. Curious how your IT budget, annual salary, job satisfaction, and 2015 expectations compare to those of your peers?

Inside this exclusive report:

  1. How healthcare IT compares to other industries
  2. The gap between high earners and low earners in healthcare
  3. The difference a bonus negotiation can make in your salary
  4. What major projects IT executives will face in 2015

Access our latest infographics, detailing:

    • Salary and compensation rates by title across the IT industry
    • What’s currently driving employee pessimism and optimism
    • Where 2015 IT salary expectations stand

Access the 2014 IT Salary & Careers Survey Report for the current state of IT budgets and headcounts, the mood within organizations, and the technology priorities that will guide enterprise efforts in 2015.