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Zeus Kerravala on Public cloud deployment: Planning for the network impact Cloud computing promises to be one of the most dramatic transformations in technology since IT shifted from mainframes to client server systems. However, cloud computing comes in different shapes and sizes, and the type of architecture used will have an impact on the network.
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WAN Optimization Technology Improves Cloud Computing Performance

You may think there is nothing you can do about slow application performance on the cloud, but the truth is that WAN optimization technology can improve cloud computing performance.

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Using WAN Performance Optimization for Cloud Computing Environments

The buzz around cloud computing now resonates through every segment of the IT and networking industries. What WAN managers should know is that cloud computing will have a profound impact on corporate networks, particularly wide area network (WAN) performance.

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Taking Back Networking Control With Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

One of the tradeoffs that come with cloud's benefits -- flexibility, scalability, automation -- is that IT teams must assume less control over the infrastructure. Fortunately, when it comes to networking, you can still exercise significant control...

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Five Challenges in Private Cloud Networking

The basic goal of cloud networking is to provide users with connectivity even when applications and their components are hosted dynamically across a number of resource pools in dispersed private and public data centers. This will enable a Software as a Service (SaaS) model that makes applications appear to users exactly as they did when they lived on-premises.

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Cloud Security Risk a Barrier?

In the CompTIA 3rd annual Cloud Trends study (published in July 2012) 49% of IT executives were cloud-averse because of security. But now more executives including Richard Dorough, managing director of cybercrime incident and response for PricewaterhouseCoopers, believe data might actually be safer in the cloud. Is cloud security risk a barrier to cloud services adoption at your company?
Question from Michael Tidmarsh
For most organizations, I’d agree that data is probably safer in an established public cloud than in a local network. We ran annual surveys for a number of years and found that average security practices were pretty abysmal.

One likely extra risk is that a public cloud represents a larger target to attack. Though it might be more difficult to penetrate, it can also contain more items of value.
Answer from Networking Expert Tom Liotta
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