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Brian Jordan on The Basics of Improving BI Performance As business intelligence (BI) becomes a more and more critical part of everyday business operations, ensuring that the data in BI systems is as up-to-date as possible can be a daunting task for BI and IT managers.
Brian Jordan, CEO for BIT Solutions Corp. a business intelligence consulting and data management services firm, gives advice on the basics of improving BI performance.
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Guide to Big Data Analytics Tools, Trends and Best Practices

Experts share perspectives and identify best practices for big data analytics projects in this Essential Guide. This guide is a collection of articles, videos and other content selected by our editors to give you a comprehensive view of this topic.

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MIT Panelists: Big Data Calls for Data-Driven Decision-Making Skills

Organizations need to develop data-driven decision-making skills to capitalize on new and emerging big data technologies, attendees were told at this week's MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in Cambridge, Mass.

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Business Intelligence Quiz

Quiz: Big Data Analytics Tools and Best Practices - There's more to big data than collecting, storing and managing it. This quiz tests your knowledge of big data analytics tools and best practices.

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Predictive Analytics Programs Marred by Poor Planning, Flawed Models

You've won approval for a predictive analytics program, and away you go on the implementation, fully expecting it to generate valuable business insights. But a year later, corporate management doesn't think the investment has panned out in the form of tangible business benefits. What went wrong?

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Dashboard Development and Data Visualization Tools for Effective BI

As the use of business intelligence and advanced analytics technologies proliferates in more companies and plays a bigger and bigger role in business success, deployments of data visualization software and tools are also expanding -- and evolving. Yet the wide array of available features and options can be overwhelming.

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A Career in Analytics?

What’s they key to having a successful data analytics career?
One of the key takeaways from this year's Enterprise Data World conference was how to have a successful career in data analytics. A good way to ensure it happens...conduct a self assessment. Would you agree? If not, what's the key to having a successful data analytics career?
Question from Michael Tidmarsh
Be it data analytics, software development, or information security - the formula for having a successful career is the same for every field: focus more on yourself than you do on your actual work. Improving things about yourself (your communication skills, your writing skills, your speaking skills, and so on) is *way* more valuable and is what will ultimately set you apart from the crowd. The thing is, it's *way* more difficult to focus on these area than it is to become technically proficient at what you do. That's why so many people struggle with their careers - they're focusing on the wrong target.
Answer from IT Consultant Kevin Beaver
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