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Brien Posey on VDI Comparison: Citrix XenDesktop vs. VMware View When it comes to virtual desktop infrastructure, administrators have a lot of choices. You may have wondered about the differences between VDI software options, remote display protocols or all the licenses out there. In this series, we tackle some of the biggest head-scratchers facing VDI admins to help you get things straight.
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How to Determine Your Virtual Machine Per-Core Ratio

Brad Maltz, CTO of International Computerware, discusses per-core ratios and how to use the profile of your desktop to determine its per-core ratio.

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Broadening Your VDI Horizon Beyond Thin Client Devices

Thin client vendors would have you believe that doing virtual desktop infrastructure without thin client devices is some kind of recklessness. The reality is that a large proportion of such deployments use PCs for virtual desktop access -- or even mobile devices.

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VDI Toolbox

Guide to Calculating ROI from VDI - Everything you need to know about networking technologies and best practices is at your fingertips in our resources directory.

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EBook - Building a Reliable Virtual Desktop

This handbook will explore the best practices for achieving reliable VDI performance, including how to prepare a network for a heavier load, capitalizing on VDI’s security benefits, creating an effective storage architecture and handling applications.

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Quiz: Are You a VDI Hardware Guru?

For virtual desktop access, you can provide users with a thin client, zero client, repurposed PC or even a mobile device. Do you know everything there is to know about these options? Take our VDI hardware quiz to see if your endpoint knowledge is up to snuff.

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Microsoft VDI and Citrix

What is MSs VDI strategy, what in-house capabilities do you have, and how do you work together with Citrix and its XenDesktop offering? ie. could you offer a 100% MS VDI offering or would you always involve Citrix to extend your capabilities?
Question from Michael Tidmarsh
Microsoft has a complete out of the box VDI solution called the Microsoft VDI suite, that is perfect for low-complexity deployments. It comes in two editions: The VDI standard suite provides basic functionality for VDI deployments, whereas the VDI premium suite provides additional functionality for session deployment in addition to VDI. For Enterprise deployments of VDI, which are usually more complex and require additional management and user capability, we recommend our join offering with Citrix XenDesktop.
Answer from Networking Expert Tom Liotta
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