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Tom Nolle on Enabling Hybrid Cloud Services: Where Are We? Nearly all enterprise cloud users expect to create hybrid environments between their private data centers and the public cloud, and a careful analysis of cloud usage even among small and medium-sized businesses suggests some hybrid strategy is likely.
About the author:
Tom Nolle is president of CIMI Corp., a strategic consulting firm specializing in telecom and data communications since 1982.
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Understanding the Cloud Service Broker Model

In this Essential Guide, learn how cloud providers can develop the cloud broker model and what the future holds for cloud brokers in the marketplace.

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The Need for Cloud Computing Skills Altering Service Provider IT Jobs

Whether you've spent your career designing networks or building applications, the cloud is profoundly altering service provider IT jobs. In part one of this two-part story on cloud jobs, we delve into how and why the need for cloud computing skills is affecting service provider IT pros.

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Cloud Services Regulations Guide

Guide to Cloud Computing Regulations - Everything you need to know about cloud services regulations and best practices is at your fingertips in our resources directory.

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Providers See Revenue Opportunity With Cloud Load Balancer Technology

This handbook will explore the best practices for achieving reliable VDI performance, including how to prepare a network for a heavier load, capitalizing on VDI’s security benefits, creating an effective storage architecture and handling applications.

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Specialty Cloud Storage Providers Die Out; Can Backup and DR Save Them?

Amazon and other Infrastructure as a Service giants are commoditizing the cloud storage market, offering prices that many specialist cloud storage providers can't compete with. To retain customers and stay relevant in the changing market, providers must expand their cloud storage portfolios to include value-added services.

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Are you afraid of the cloud?

I spend a lot of time talking with business owners about thier technology. I am often told by the business owner that thier IT proffesionals are telling them that cloud technologies are imature and not ready for prime time. I think this is actually an IT proffessional worried about thier job. I'm curious to hear if you think that the cloud is making you worry about wether you will have a job in the future?
Question from Michael Tidmarsh
If an 'IT pro' told me that "cloud technologies are imature and not ready for prime time", I would expect also to get a list of cloud projects the s/he had been involved with, a list of cloud vendors that the projects were built for and a description of the problems that gave evidence of immaturity. I.e., repeating things I read about cloud technology is one thing; creating opinions out of my personal experience is something very different. Your thought about "worried about thier job" could very well be a primary factor. It should be easy to validate.
Answer from Networking Expert Tom Liotta
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